Have you ever gotten your videos blocked by online websites? Don't have permission to include your favorite background music in your video uploads?

     Sure, you could always get a copy of music with free license. However, everybody is using that same music. It gets repetitive.


     Now its time to record your own music! Video Master is the simplest way for your problems. Record your music, add it to your video, then upload to Youtube! Do all of these steps with one app! Hassle free!


1. In the Record tab, press Record and then use the keyboard to create music

2. Press Stop, go to Videos tab and import a video from Camera roll, or download a video from a cloud service (using Files)

3. Press the "i" info button, and merge the video with the audio.

4. You are done. Now you can upload the video, or you can play the video over and over.


Video playback functionalities:

1. Playlist and Repeat

2. Background playback

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